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Tennis Trade

Tennis Trade Triumphs in the

Digital Sphere

Screen grab of Tennis Trade homepage on Desktop
Screen grab of Tennis rackets page of Tennis Trade Website
mobile phone showing homepage of Tennis Trade website
Screen grab of Re-stringing page of Tennis Trade website

Crafting a Seamless

E-commerce Experience

When Tennis Trade envisioned a heightened online shopping experience, Ovia designed and delivered a brand-new e-commerce platform seamlessly integrating over 150 products. The objective was clear – create a virtual storefront that mirrors the exceptional in-store experience while maintaining user-friendly navigation.

Mobile phone showing Tennis bags page of Tennis Trade website

Timely Delivery: Transforming Vision into Reality

Recognising the importance of time, Ovia swiftly transformed Tennis Trade's vision into a fully functional, SEO-optimized e-commerce platform in 36 days. The result is a website that not only showcases their extensive product range but also adheres to the best practices in search engine optimisation, ensuring maximum visibility.

Social Media Management

Beyond the website, Ovia took charge of Tennis Trade's social media strategy. From Facebook and Instagram management to engaging reels and strategic advertising, we curate a compelling narrative. Our role extends beyond management; we design captivating posts, provide compelling content, and steer their social media ship to success.

Computer monitor showing instagram page of Tennis Trade

Digital Advertising

In our comprehensive digital strategy for Tennis Trade, we took charge of both Facebook Ads and Google PPC campaigns. On the vibrant stage of social media, we craft engaging Facebook Ads that resonate with the audience, while our precision-driven approach in Google PPC ensures strategic visibility and conversions. This dual-channel strategy maximises reach, engagement, and ultimately, success for Tennis Trade in the online advertising landscape.

Embark on a journey of seamless digital commerce with Tennis Trade at Ovia showcases its expertise in crafting a dynamic e-commerce platform that seamlessly merges user-friendly design with the extensive product offerings of Tennis Trade

Inspired by our digital adventures? 

If you're prepared to enhance your online presence, Ovia is your strategic partner. Collaborate with us today and let's build a digital masterpiece together. 

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